Minesweeper championships

Minesweeper is not only played casually, but some people also treat it as a sport. There exist world rankings of the best Minesweeper players. Below you can watch an old video with a previous world record on Expert difficulty (currently it is 26.59 seconds):

There is a number of things you need to know if you want to compete and be included in the rankings. First, you cannot play with just any Minesweeper version. For example, you cannot play using Microsoft Minesweeper because it is known to have bugs that allow players to cheat. And none of the online versions of Minesweeper are appropriate for competitive play either. Instead, you have to download one of the following programs (which unfortunately are available only for Microsoft Windows): Minesweeper Arbiter, Minesweeper X, or Viennasweeper. These programs automatically save videos of your gameplay. You can then submit these videos at Athoritative Minesweeper (after registering) and join the rankings.

Sometimes you get very lucky and you can solve the board with just one click. This happens quite often especially on the Beginner difficulty. To avoid that, there are limits prohibiting results obtained with very easy boards. How do these limits work? To understand them, you need to understand what 3BV is.

3BV is the minimum number of clicks required to win the game.

3BV tells you how easy the Minesweeper board is. If 3BV is 1, then you can solve the game with just one click. To limit the use of very easy boards, currently the smallest allowed 3BV for the Beginner difficulty is 2, for the Intermediate difficulty is 30, and for the Expert difficulty is 100. You can find more about 3BV in its article on Minesweeper Wiki.

You can read more about the global rankings on the Minesweeper Ranking Rules website.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more statistics with complicated names used in the Minesweeper community, but they are beyond the scope of this simple introduction. You can watch them in this video of a Minesweeper grandmaster beating a world record on Expert difficulty, while all the statistics are calculated in the real time:

Good luck beating this time!